What doesn't kill you only makes you bitter​.​.​.

by Bitter Lungs

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released October 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Bitter Lungs Gold Coast, Australia


for bookings/enquires email bitterlungs@gmail.com
fast, heavy, abrasive punk/metal/hardcore fusion. no interest in scene points, spin kicks or deadshits. based between northern nsw and brisbane, hit us up for shows at bitterlungs@gmail.com
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Track Name: Henchman
I don't remember anything except my head was shaved and i behaved
in a manner most untowards. I could hardly afford to take the chance I took.

and now, looking back on it, Hindsight helps nothing and no one.
Hours lapse and i collapse, I guess I"ll never hold the answers

but I can vaguely remember someone pulled me up and said to me
"you'll get your head stomped if you come around here again boy"
pulling hustles and flexing muscles, violence is your answer
In case you forgot I'm stubborn as fuck and I am not afraid to hold my ground
Track Name: You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him think
your ignorance is a gift
cherish it you idiot

truely the happiest life is the one without a thought
have you ever seen your wisemen? you have more to hope for from a madman.

there is nothing certain but uncertainty
nothing more miserable and more proud than man
pride in what exactly? what have you ever done with your tiny little life of shit?
man will cease to beso empty and so angry only when we cease to be so hopeful

and when we
we accept
this horrid fate
we'll be set free

Track Name: The indefinite continued progress of existence and events
the weeks seem hours only and when we look at what we do with days
the lost seconds and inbetween moments we wonder why we waste away
my departed hours where are they?

good times never stay
what eats my time away
the shadow on the dial or my sinister smile?
the running of the sands or the clencing of my hands
what is it and why IS IT HARD TO FIND?

my departed hours where have they gone?
I've been so blind and so stupid all along

sometimes looking at or listening to what isnt worth the time it takes
and half the time its something FAKE
there is a difference between moving forward
and simply going through the motions
with time moving and life passing i must be tough

because simply going through the motions is not enough
you have the choice how to spend your life just dont waste my fucking time
Track Name: Compulsive button pushers
if you run your mouth
then you'll find out
if you talk shit you will get hit
in the fucking face
your mouth runs like its in a race
you start to get stuck into me
with your shit
just stop, i"m sick of it

you push me and you push me
you never fucking stop
you never get the hint
the penny never drops
I take a deep breath and I count to ten
try and get a grip before i lose the plot

I let myself get carried away sometimes
but I, I must try to keep my grip this time
I will try to keep this under my skin.
take a deep breath and count to ten

take a deep breath then i count to ten
try and get a grip of my self again
never the let the bastards ever grind you down
always wear smile, never wear a frown on my face
Track Name: Long live the mongrels
Betrayal burns deep and lies sever reality
but good friends, good times and war stories PICK ME UP

they say never meet your idols and never reach your goals
unless you are prepared to see its not what its cracked up to be